About Memo Calderón

"For me, photography is about giving  order to the world out there in a transcendent way. What a better way to transcend than to do so by giving people timeless memories and a new image of themselves " - Memo Calderón / nunu

Formerly known as Nunu Bodas, Memo Calderón was born in Mexico City. As son of two pilots, he enjoyed taking photos while traveling.

He loves to photograph people. In 2009 he started Nunu Bodas, a wedding and portrait photography studio, which was repeatedly named one of the best options for wedding photography and video in Mexico. In the meantime, he has done several personal photography projects, including 230 sessions of different people in a bathtub and many portraits of people he has just met.

In 2015, he was named a brand ambassador for FUJIFILM Mexico. That same year he noticed that he was wasting moments of his family by capturing those of other families. So Memo closed Nunu Bodas, and started doing photography solely as a hobby, he became an amateur again. He spent more than two sabbatical years capturing the moments in his life, those little pieces that were lost as he created memories for other people. Since 2019 he returned to photograph some elected weddings and recently moved to Nova Scotia, Canada eager to do something he is passionate about: capturing happiness in people's lives.

From his early years with a camera, he sought out simple forms and compositions. Representing the defined elements in which light has the main role. He creates  timeless photos that will not be defined in decades by the trend of the year.

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